fragmented flora

xi xi 息息, Xuan Ye, 2019

Fin, Xuan Ye, 2018

Xuan Ye is an artist, musician and software engineer based in Tkaronto (Toronto, ON). Their sound piece xi xi 息息 and interactive poem Fin (part of their G=A=R=D=E=N series) are featured in this exhibit. Together these works interpret and recontextualize materials to demonstrate an alternative perspective of our current reality. The sound piece xi xi 息息 creates space for us to listen to our bodies, by doing so one can learn to use their intuition to open the possibilities of perception. Fin problematizes how we translate our surroundings and experiences into knowledge and what that means for the physical synthesis of digital interpretations of self.

What sensations cause discomfort?

The first three tracks of xi xi 息息, Ye uses an electronic module for real-time biofeedback called MIDI Sprout, which, when touched, translates electrolytes present in the body into MIDI. Others have used the module primarily as a way of sonifying plants. ‘Plants never say that they want to be heard,’ Ye says—and, after a pause., ‘but I use my own body.’

Where do you feel comfortable?

Fin is a work from Ye’s G=A=R=D=E=N series that speculates on the idea of “habitat” in the context of technological acceleration and urban sprawl. This interactive piece starts from an anagrammatic poem transformed out of "home for sale". The prose in form of CAPTCHA are translated into stock images, which is a textual-visual archive signifying a simulacrum of an oversimplified world, a textual-visual environment that feeds us and that at the same time we inter-operate within.

In what instances do you get lost in time?

Fragmented Flora: Digital Embodiments of Being in Time and Space

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