fragmented flora

Still life with fallen fruit, Elisabeth Belliveau, 2019

Elisabeth Belliveau is an artist, educator, and published author based in Amiskwaciy-Wâskahikan (Edmonton, AB). Her animated work Still life with fallen fruit is featured in this exhibit. Her animation depicts the life inherent in all things by setting up a still life and letting the materials breathe. The transformation of materials as they live and die is amplified through stop-motion as the expansion and contraction of organic and inorganic matter become visually dramatic.  

What emerges while the camera waits and what aspects disappear?

Belliveau’s sculptures and animations use “time as a material” to observe how materials perform, proving that energy transfers between all things. By “composing with living materials” she documents the agency that things have because we can see how objects move without us. Belliveau’s animation demonstrates how “things are performing and acting in time” by producing roaming compositions that visually dialogue with traditional still life paintings. Additionally, this work shows “hauntings of things”—the visual qualities that resonate with us and how we prescribe meaning to them.

How does it feel to watch something decay?

Fragmented Flora: Digital Embodiments of Being in Time and Space

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