fragmented flora

Flowers in Time and Space (documentation), Hayley O’Byrne, 2021

Carmel Floral was founded in 2017 by Hayley O’Byrne. Based in Tkaronto (Toronto, ON), Carmel Floral offers botanical styling for editorial projects, florals for weddings & events, and tailored individual deliveries. Carmel Floral is committed to sustainable practices.

Can you see the breath in all matter?

The materiality of flowers and their vessels demonstrate how space is occupied—thus setting up the material presence of the place, dictating the emotional atmosphere. The delicate and transient qualities in flowers demonstrate the material visualization of decay. The short duration of living and cut flowers effectively work as visuals of such because one can easily watch the decay of flowers. Cut flowers need a vessel to survive in, the vessel needs a place to be situated in. Vessels hold flowers in the container that the flowers will live and eventually die in, demonstrating the material constraints of interpretation. The vantage point of this floral installation becomes fragmented through the screen as the viewer can only see the installation from the point of view of the camera.

The ephemerality of digital space has shown itself…the first livestream worked for 61 hours, 20 minutes, and 39 seconds before getting disrupted. The second livestream lasted for 215 hours, 14 minutes, and 22 seconds. This content cannot be retrieved, downloaded, or salvaged.

What does it mean to take up space?

Fragmented Flora: Digital Embodiments of Being in Time and Space

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